Welcome to Don Coats’ Website

Don Coats in meadow
Don Coats

Welcome to Don Coats’ website. Don is a retired veterinarian, beekeeper and meadow maker who works with other citizen scientists monitoring the health and behavior of bees, both honey bees and native bees. Working with bee clubs and community advocates they strive to improve honey bee husbandry and influence cultural habits toward accountable land stewardship favoring native habitats.

Finding Your Way Around This Site

Don displays new information here in blog posts that are displayed on this front page, the most recent on top. Blog posts are listed in categories in a drop-down menu at the foot of this page.  Just scroll down to access it.

Please leave comments and questions

You’re welcome to leave comments and questions at the bottom of posts. Don will answer when he’s not out making meadows or tending his bee hives. You can also contact him via the Contact Don page.  Don doesn’t work alone.  You can read more about his colleagues in the Delaware Native Pollinator Project on the About page.